2nd International Conference on Multiple Comparisons-

with medical applications

Berlin, Germany 25-28 June 2000

The purpose of the conference is to share the latest ideas, concepts and applications of multiple comparison procedures. The conference will feature invited presentations by leading statisticians, contributed papers and posters with oral short presentations.


Probability inequalities, step-wise procedures, multiple endpoints, non-parametric and discrete tests, multiplicity in clinical and preclinical trials (including interim analyses), high degree of multiplicity in genetics, resampling approaches, applications

Organizers are:

Ajit Tamhane (Northwestern University), Chihiro Hirotsu (University of Tokyo), Gerhard Hommel (Gutenberg University Mainz), Jason Hsu (Ohio State University ), Sture Holm (Chalmers University, Goteborg, Sweden), Peter Westfall (Texas Tex University), Yoav Benjamini (Tel Aviv University) and Ludwig Hothorn (University of Hannover)
The conference is co-sponsored by the German Region of the International Biometic Society, the Department of Bioinformatics Hannover University and the Department of Medical Statistics of Humboldt University Berlin.


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About 18 talks will be published in a special issue of Biometrical Journal mid-2001
(please contact me for a copy - L. Hothorn)


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